The Best GIMP Brushes

best gimp brushes

If you want to be as creative as possible and design amazing digital art, using the best GIMP Brushes makes a lot of sense. GIMP is a very good image editor and drawing tool, and the fact that it’s also free makes it amazing in its own right. With the right amount of patience and preparation, you will be able to make it work in no time. But you do need some brushes for GIMP, as it will help quite a bit. You do want some GIMP hairbrushes or GIMP map brushes. Even GIMP paintbrushes will work just fine. These are all offering more options and you can focus on immersiveness and value.

The GIMP Paint Studio

gimp paint studio

We like The GIMP Paint Studio a lot because it has numerous textures and brush strokes to GIMP. You receive some really nice presets and the overall quality and attention to detail provided here is nothing short of amazing. Add to that the fact that the visuals are great and the user experience is designed with quality in mind, and you will find this a pleasure to try out and explore. 102 brushes are available here, so you can create amazing art with it.

41 Grunge Brushes by Keep Waiting

grunge brushes

As the name clearly suggests, this is a set of extraordinary, grunge focused gimp brushes. A lot of people will like them because they are high definition and in multiple sizes. That alone can be incredibly fun to work with, and the value itself is very nice. You will appreciate the way it all comes together and it’s an enjoyable, very rewarding, and powerful experience. You have 41 brushes in total.

K04sk Brushes

k04sk gimp brushes

We recommend these free gimp brushes if you are very interested in digital painting, illustration work, or concept art. The idea here is that you get to create amazing visuals with them, they are very detailed and you get all sorts of customization options. You just have to give it a try yourself for the best experience.

Digital Oil Brushes

digital oil brushes

Sometimes you just need to have that visual appeal that you’re using oil brushes and in this case, you get that. This replicates the feel you get from a real paintbrush. It’s very different and just fun to work with, which is what you want to go for. As long as you have the right amount of creativity, it can be super exciting and fun to check out, just give it a try for yourself. It’s one of the best gimp brushes if you want to be a natural painter.

Hair Pack

hair pack brushes

If you want some gimp hair brushes, then this one can be incredibly impressive. You want to use these brushes because they make the process of drawing hair a breeze. Doing that with the default tools can waste a lot of time on your side. But once you add these brushes for gimp, things are easier and certainly more convenient, which is what you need.

Watercolor Splatters

watercolor splatters brushes

You will enjoy these brushes because you can create a base layer for other paintings. You also have multiple presets that will help generate textures the way you want. You have 32 splatter brushes and 3 textures, which is more than enough to get started. It’s worth at least give it a try for yourself, especially if you are very passionate about using brushes naturally and with amazing results.

Artistic Brushes

artistic brushes

A lot of people like these artistic brushes because they help you replicate a variety of styles. You can be as creative as you want, and at the same time, you can have some aesthetically pleasing features for you to explore. It’s definitely worth checking out as much as possible since there are multiple brushes you can get here and they are a pleasure to work with.

Brushes by Aaron Griffin Art

brushes by aarongriffinart

The reason you want to use these brushes is that there are so many of them in a single package. You really are getting a ton of value and quality for the money, and you will appreciate the tremendous value and experience. With 113 brushes, you will find it easy to pick the right brush to suit your needs. This is great if you want a lot of brushes added, otherwise if you just need one, this package of free gimp brushes might be a bit too much for you.

GIMP Texture Brush Set

gimp texture brush set

Whenever you want to add texture brushes, it can be a very good idea to think outside the box and come up with something unique and different. With that in mind, you do want to give this a shot because it has multiple texture options for the brushes. It’s recommended for designs, digital drawings, and digital paintings. It’s the type of thing that will give you plenty of value and quality, which is what you really want to pursue all the time.

Cloud Brushes

cloud brush set

Sometimes when you want to add clouds to your painting, you will find this rather hard to do and pretty challenging as a whole. With this set of brushes, you can eliminate that and really focus on results. It’s a set of 24 brushes, and they vary in size and depth. It’s a really cool set of brushes for gimp and we found it to be very helpful and extremely convenient.


If you want to use the best gimp brushes, you need to try these out. The great thing is that you’re receiving a lot of variety here, and all you need is to make the right choice. You will appreciate the unique quality and experience, and in the end, it will offer the most impressive results you would need. Just consider giving any of them a try today and see how impressive they really are. At the end of the day, if you’re a creative person and draw often, it’s important to have the best gimp brushes that you can find. It will just make it easier for you to bring your creativity to life!

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