How to Create Chromatic Aberration in Photoshop

how to create chromatic aberration in photoshop

You might have heard about the term Chromatic Aberration Photoshop or at least seen the pictures that have a specific type of distortion. This is the distortion where the colors of your main object are slightly seeping out of focus. Although it is an error that is caused by an issue with the lens, however sometimes it is added in the photos on purpose.

It is because it brings very cool effects. So, if you are looking for the chromatic aberration Photoshop tutorial, here we will provide the complete chromatic aberration Photoshop tutorial.

The step-by-step Chromatic Aberration Photoshop Tutorial

Although there are a lot of ways available to do this, all of them are not very easy and effective. So, here we will provide you the best and easiest way for how to chromatic aberration Photoshop. The following are the steps required to create chromatic aberration Photoshop.

Finish all the editing work you are going to do on the image and make a copy of that image.

This is the first step and, in this step, all you need to do is to create a copy of the image. But before you make the copy of your image, make sure that you have finished all the editing work that you wanted to do on that image.

It is because if you want to know how to chromatic aberration Photoshop, then you must know that the best result can be achieved by adding the effect on the edited image. If you add the effect and then edit the image, then the results will not be as good.

Select the colors with which you are going to create the chromatic aberration effect.

The second step of the process to create chromatic aberration is that you select the colors that you want to create the effect with. This is the case that depends on your liking and inspiration however you must select those colors intelligently to match with the environment of the image. Select different colors like

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red

Also, make duplicate layers for each of them. Make sure that you rename the layers as well.

Carefully add the distortion in the image

Now is the time when you are going to create chromatic aberration Photoshop and these steps need to be done carefully. Here you will select the layer of one color and using the move tool you will move the layer only the slightest.

chromatic aberration effect before and after
Before and after images after slight Chromatic Aberration

You can move it by selecting the move tool and pressing the left or right arrows on the keyboard once or twice. Repeat the process for all the color layers to create chromatic aberration Photoshop.

Provide the final touches to your work

The final touches to be done here will make the image quality even better and in the case of chromatic aberration, you can emboss the image and your final result will turn out to be great.

chromaric aberration made in photoshop
An example of Chromatic Aberration by Adobe.


Creating the chromatic aberration effect is not a hard thing to do if you know the best way to do it. With the right knowledge, you can create this effect in a matter of seconds. Here we discussed the best way of creating this effect in your images.

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