What is a Concept Artist?

what is a concept artist

“In simple terms, a concept art fantasy is all about the art of your concept, or Bringing Idea to Life!”

Years before, comics are usually in trends! People use to read superhero comics where you can find them tacking with the new and stylish antagonists! At that time, many of you who likes to draw also might try to create your creative comics.

In this, you design a unique hero as per your imagination and some other side characters. Last but not least, another main character without whom the story is incomplete.

Yes, its villain, who possibility looks more muscular and has a more exciting personality than your main Hero! So, if you have performed similar things in the past, then you have the potential and interest to become a Concept Artist!

Today the technology has been advanced very much from those past days. Now in place of comics, you have a collection of 4k quality superhero animated sci-fi movies. Not just this, you can also download and play high-quality action video games on your smartphones, computers, and other gadgets!

No doubt, their characters are almost looking like real-life personalities based on some other world. The final output looks like anyone can easily immerse into that virtual nature!

video game concept art
Video game concept art of Metal Gear Solid 2.

An Outlook on the Profession and Concept Artist Jobs

A concept artist’s primary task is to visualize the characters as per the demand of the story and draw it. It is required to pass on their thought exactly to an animation expert. An animator can give that character a soul to speak, move, and perform different actions into the desired universe!

Many professionals create a substantial visual library! It is about the textures, fabrics, shapes, ideas, or other small chunks that they can use at any time to mix and match to give birth to something uncommon!

After all, a concept artist can also design environments, vehicles, creatures, characters, and other creative assets. It all depends as per the need of a movie, video game, or any other creative project!

Not only this, but the concept artist also handles designing everything other than the artist character concept that has to be shown on a video game or an animated film. It includes interiors, buildings, clothes, characters, vehicles, props, weapons, and more!

In technical terms, the phenomenon of art concept is to visualize new ideas that can mesmerize others and fit will to requirements. So that VFX teams, animators, or modelers can work on these ideas to produce their end product! So the attention of the artist into details and the creativity skills matter the most in future success!

You might be enticed by looking at a scene or an animated character in a game or a featured movie! If it happens again the next time, give a clap to its concept creator or artist jobs to appreciate the work!

Anyways, things look very easy, but in reality, it is a very challenging job! After getting a creative brief, the artists do not have much time to show creativity. So they need to generate something new and exciting for their clients!

Bottom Line

Overall, the art concept is a unique and competitive career. There are many more kinds of stuff to know about this field if you are interested further! The best part of the same is that anyone can do it since this career generally not demands any particular education qualification! You can become a concept or gaming artist if having enough interest and passion for showing the inner creativity to the world!

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