The Best Handwriting Fonts

best handwriting fonts

Using the best handwriting fonts can go a long way to make your documents and project work as professional and yet energetic as they can get. Also, when you go for the best handwriting Google fonts you can find, you have a means of conveying your message to your audience uniquely and interestingly.

From the neat, conventional Arial font to the messy Shopping Script font, the internet has loads of free handwriting fonts you can explore. Making your best pick is simply a matter of understanding what is appropriate for your work and what is inappropriate.

But not to worry, below is a selection of the best free handwriting fonts you can adopt in your next project. Each font promises to adequately relay your message so that it does not come off too radical or too vague.

Shopping Script

Shopping Script font

This easy flowing handwriting Shopping Script font is first on the list. It was designed by a Hungary native, Roland Hüse, and entails easy-flowing numbers and alphabets in upper and lower cases.



If you think it is high time you gave your posts a louder announcement, then shop into the Bellaboo handwriting font wagon. The font is a creation of Marcelo Reis Melo, a talented art director. And its boldness will sure have more eyes going to your work.


debby font

How about making that greeting card extra special with the Debby handwriting font? Designed by Artimasa, this font features springy and irregular characters with rough edges. It is one of those free handwriting fonts that bring out the beauty in your invitation cards and personal notes.


luna font

If you want to put some formal or legal contracts into writing, then what you need is a neat and legible font like Luna. It is a creative work of Amanda Leeson and is very lucid and has a clear distinction between characters and lines.

Dancing Script

dancing script font

This font comes with the extra friendly, bouncy feature you need to make your notes as personal as they can get. You can also engage your readers with this Pablo Impallari’s font whose characters bounce and change sizes all through your document.

Wild Youth

wild youth font

For the best handwriting font with which you can emphasize your quotes, the Wild Youth font makes for an ideal choice. It is the work of font designer Jeremy Vassey, and it confers a high degree of excitement to your writings.

Tragic Marker

tragic marker font

Missy Meyer needed only a single day to create one of the best free handwriting fonts currently in use. The Tragic Marker Font is a chunky, neat font that imitates writings from a Sharpie. It is the best handwriting font for drawing unreserved attention to your work.


kristi font

Do you miss writing with the fountain pen? Or you are looking for a free handwriting font that could replicate the freedom of expression that comes with a fountain pen? Then Kristi’s handwriting font should serve you just fine.

It was created by Birgit Pulk and features an uppercase style that can make your headers exceptional.


timothy font

Make clearer, bolder statements with the block, uppercase Timothy handwriting font. With inspiration from Timothy Goodman, Ksenya Zoltsman came up with this font and made it entirely free for personal use.

Neon Absolute

neon absolute font

This font is an advanced combo of Sans and Script fonts and is ideal for systemizing content on posts, formal writings, and brand logos. It was created from inspirations from neon lights and writings in the 1980s.

The Skinny

the skinny font

This font is an entirely free (both for personal and commercial use) handwriting font that was created by notfon1234. Its latest update features properly spaced, irregular characters, and makes for an ideal font for semiformal submissions.

Rainy Day

rainy day font

For writing personal notes not intended for serious business, go for the Rainy Day font. Rainy day is a design of Ian Mikraz and merges contemporary fluid typeface with historic calligraphy. Also, the staggering characters of this font go a long way to beautify your content.

No Time

no time font

No Time is about the best free handwriting font you can use to indicate the urgency of your message. It was crafted by Paula Painceiras Martinez when she was going through a phase you can call a designer’s stress’. And it is unique, bold, and emphatic.


Now with this line up of the best handwriting fonts in your arsenal, never let your project suffer font malnourishment again!

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