Adobe XD Review

adobe xd review

If you are a website and application designer, Illustrator and Photoshop can help you create excellent designs. And you can also conveniently show your clients your design ideas with PowerPoint. But that’s all there is to that. If you need to create interactive prototypes, and also collect feedback from your clients, then Adobe XD is the design solution you need. Let’s dig into this Adobe XD review.

Adobe XD helps you with all the necessary features you need for your interface design without undue complications. So what is Adobe XD?

What is Adobe XD?

XD is the latest design interface from Adobe for applications and websites. It is based on vector graphics and is a leading UX design software for prototyping, full designing, wireframing, and a lot more. It also features a reliable control and security framework that keeps users’ data fully protected.

Although Adobe XD is somewhat a novel design solution, its beta version was released in 2016 as Adobe Experience Design CC. Ever since then, the software has gained popularity among designers.

adobe xd review - interface

It is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems as well as Android and iOS mobile systems. It can also be used via cloud storage on mobile devices, and direct download access.

Before the launch of Adobe XD, the Adobe suite had features that were incompatible with editors like Illustrator and Photoshop. Such that whenever designers needed to create an interface with Adobe software, they had to engineer elements together.

As a result, Adobe XD features enhancements for various lapses in the Adobe suite. It is speedily gaining a competitive advantage over other design solutions like Figma and Sketch, and this advantage stems from its user familiarity and cross-platform functionality.

What is Adobe XD CC Used for?

Adobe XD CC has several uses that range from full design to prototyping with linked artboards and editing Photoshop files in XD. It is also used for creating wireframes for digital products like mobile applications and websites.

XD also integrates drawing tools with lightweight layouts and can be used to share prototypes and also collect feedback from clients and other designers.

Pros and Cons of Adobe XD Review

At first, users thought tech giants like Adobe were incapable of creating a solution that can be conveniently utilized by both experts and beginners alike. Let’s continue this Adobe XD review with the list of pros and cons. Adobe XD features the following advantages:

adobe xd review - interface


  • Easy to Use: Unlike most design tools, Adobe XD is very easy to use and does not present complications even to beginners. 
  • Affordable: Most UX design tools charge up to $50 per month, but Adobe XD subscription goes for only $22.99 per user for its premium features.
  • Tutorials for Beginners: This tool also features interactive methods by which complex parts of its functionality are broken down for users.
  • Ideal for Teams: With only $22.99 per month for each user, teams can utilize XD’s powerful collaboration features. 
  • UI Kits for Faster Designs: With Adobe XD, designers do not have to begin from scratch all the time. It features sample UI designs and templates that can be used for several platforms.
  • Prototyping: This tool conveniently allows designers to understand how the elements of their websites react to several programs without codes.
  • Adobe XD Library: The Adobe XD library allows the direct use of design features on several programs.
  • Wireframing: This tool will enable users to create wireframes of their projected screens. Design elements can also be enhanced after running animation and transition effects on a project.
  • Repeat Grid: By simply dragging a particular grid using the ‘repeat grid’ command, the Adobe XD tool automatically places other grids.
  • Mock-Ups: The Adobe XD design tool is excellent for use in website mock-ups.
  • Connects with Everyday Apps: The XD tool helps you save time by eliminating the need to switch between apps. It easily integrates with apps like Zeplin, Microsoft and Jira.


  • Elementary Animation: The Adobe XD has a very primitive animation functionality as it does not feature timeline animation.
  • Fewer Plugins: The Adobe XD sure does feature plugins, but not as much as its competitors – Sketch and Figma.
  • Unattractive Interface: Although Adobe introduced new and exciting features to this tool, its user interface is still not as attractive as other design solutions.
  • Different ‘Repeat Object’ Command: Unlike other familiar design tools like Illustrator, Adobe XD repeats objects with the Ctrl + F command. Despite the downsides of the Adobe XD tool, it still functions as the best design solution for every 21st-century designer.

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