Adobe Premiere Rush Review

adobe premiere rush review

Upon starting our Adobe Premiere Rush review, we wanted to make sure that everyone understands what this tool is actually for. A lot of people are overwhelmed with tools like Adobe Premiere, so Adobe Premiere Rush is designed with the idea of bringing you fast and reliable video editing tools without a lot of complexity.

Using Adobe Premiere Rush

Right from the start, the Premiere Pro vs Premiere Rush comparisons appears, especially when it comes to the interface. Rush’s interface is more streamlined, it looks a lot like Lightroom CC. It’s very simple, you have side panels that hide automatically and you get the source panel on the left, with adjustments and effects on the right. Even the home screen is very simple, the thumbnails are nice and everything is put together very well based on our experience.

The timeline itself is a pleasure to use too. You have the editing tools like clipping, cutting, and tracking visibility. You can also go frame by frame, pause, see time codes, and even have a fullscreen preview/view button for you to check out. It’s possible that you can have multiple tracks onto the top one, and you can do picture in picture effects as you resize overlays.

adobe premiere rush review - interface

Color customization

Adobe Premiere Rush comes with 11 color style presets, so it’s more than enough to get started with any type of project. The advanced toolset will also help you add effects like faded film, vignette, or sharpening. So yes, there’s quite a lot of color customization to be had, if you put your mind to it.


You will be amazed at what do most YouTubers use to edit their videos, that’s either Premiere Pro or inexpensive video editors. That’s why Adobe Premiere Rush exists, to help those with a small budget still get the job done very well. In regards to transitions, Adobe Premiere Rush has only a few, which are dip to white, dip to black, or cross dissolve. It’s not a whole lot, but it will be ok for smaller projects.

Motion title templates

While performing the Adobe Premiere Rush review, we liked the large number of motion title templates provided here. You get 36 templates to choose from, all of which are very useful and which bring in more customization opportunities to suit your needs and requirements. Another thing to note is that Adobe Premiere Rush has a simple audio editing solution, you can edit the volume. It’s not a comprehensive audio editor, but you can make a few changes and that’s enough.

adobe premiere rush review - interface

Speed and sharing features

The rendering speed is slow, especially for longer videos. This clearly shows Adobe Premiere Rush is more suitable for quick video editing that you want to do on the fly. It’s still getting the job done very nicely, and that helps more than you might imagine. When it comes to sharing features, you can easily share your project on the Behance community, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. There’s no Vimeo support, but it might be added later.

Final thoughts on Adobe Premiere Rush Review

One thing is certain, we were very happy with this tool during the Adobe Premiere Rush review. You can get it for $9.99 a month, in a combo with Premiere Pro for $20.99 per month or in the full Adobe CC solution for $52.99 per month. It’s a good option for those new to video editing that want a cheaper option to Premiere Pro or which want to experiment with it before going Pro. This is a stellar solution for vloggers that want to edit on the fly, although keep in mind that the rendering times can be slow!

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