Adobe Premiere Pro Review

adobe premiere pro review

A video is a real-life representation that makes content lively. When you create an attractive video, no matter what, it leaves an impression in people’s minds. They can relate themselves to it more than any text or graphics-based content. That is why to grab the attention of your audience you need to create an attractive video. Learn how in this Adobe Premiere Pro review.

And how to create an attractive video? For that, you need to use video editing software which makes a normal video attractive. You need to cut the unwanted parts of the video, trim it based upon the requirements, join various parts together, and add various effects to it, to make it an attractive one. 

Today, I am going to talk about Adobe Premiere Pro CC, which is undoubtedly the best software for Windows users. I’ll share my own Adobe Premiere Pro review with you people so that you can decide whether to go for it or not. 

Now, there is a tough competitor for Premiere Pro which is Final Cut Pro; but that video editing software is only for Mac users, and not for Windows. Also, when I say that Premiere Pro is the best video editing software for Windows users, it’s not only my own opinion, but all the professional video editors around the world will share the same feedback with you.

About Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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Adobe Premiere Pro is a non-linear video editing software that is used to create professional-level videos, short movies, movies, commercials, music videos, movies with visual effects, and more. 

It is the first choice of most of the professional video editors who are related to the entertainment industry. Nowadays, most Hollywood movies are edited using Adobe Premiere Pro software. So you can realize the importance of this powerful video editing software. It’s like there’s nothing in the video editing world that you cannot perform using Premiere Pro. 

Facts to Know About Premiere Pro CC

  • It was introduced for the first time by Adobe Systems in 2003.
  • C++ language has been used to create such a powerful video editing software. 
  • The last update took place on the 25th of September 2020
  • The operating systems that support this software are Windows and MAC. 
  • It’s a non-linear professional video editing software. 

Key Features of Premiere Pro

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Some of the exclusive features of this powerful editing software are as follows. 

Scene Edit Detection

The scene edit detection feature lets you detect every single scene of a large video and edit it according to your choice. 

HDR for broadcast

With this feature, you can edit the colour quality of the video. And the colour quality is so natural that it looks like you are actually watching the scene in front of you. 

Export with Proxies

If you want to export high-resolution media files, then you can use these proxies to serve the purpose. 

Green Screen Effects

Change the background of a video to any other using the green screen effect. This feature is not available in most simple editing software. 

Pros of Adobe Premiere Pro CC

  • You can easily edit any video at a professional level. 
  • Use this editing software for photojournalism. 
  • Supports alpha channel.
  • Allows creating hotkeys using your keyboard. 
  • Easily combine different parts of different videos and make it a sequence. 
  • Along with the video, it also allows you to edit the audio 
  • When you drag a video and audio file separately, it automatically synchronizes both the files. 
  • For a large video and heavy editing work, you can use this video editing software. 
  • Allows editing with the shortcut keys. Thus, saving a lot of time. 
  • Allows single and multiple file exporting.
  • Premiere Pro CC works fine with complex media sequences. 
  • Supports multiple GPUs in the same system.  
  • Supports 2D and 3D animations. 
  • The presence of scriptwriting tools lets you import script-based media files. 
  • It can run multiple GPUs simultaneously. 
  • A free trial is available for this software that lets you use it for seven days for free. 
  • It supports almost all types of file formats. 
  • You can easily insert multiple short video clips in one video.
  • Editing options of the imported media is possible even before you drag them to the timeline. 
  • Supports the editing of complex virtual Reality media files.  
  • When you create an instance of the project, it automatically saves all the updates that you make in the project. This allows you to get the project back even without saving it. 
  • Accurate cuts are possible with Adobe Premiere Pro. 
  • Customize the panel as per your choice. 

Cons of Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Every discovery has its advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, there are some disadvantages to this video editing software. And as this one is an unbiased Adobe Premiere Pro video editing review, so I have also listed the Cons of this tool here. Some of the disadvantages are mentioned below. 

  • It’s not free software, the paid version is available at a price of $20/month. 
  • This video editing software is mainly designed for the pro video editors; not suitable for the ones who are about to start learning video editing for the first time. 
  • You need to have a highly-configured system to use this editing software. The Premiere Pro versions keep upgrading from time to time. So you’ll always need the latest OS that supports the latest version of it. Also, there has to be a minimum of 8 GB RAM installed on your PC to make Premiere Pro run smoothly. Or else, the system will hang in the middle of editing. 
  • If you have a newer version of Premiere then only you can install VST plugins.  
  • Less number of in-built effects are available when compared to basic editing software like Filmora. 
  • Takes much time to edit videos when compared to Da Vinci Resolve. 

How to use Adobe Premiere Pro for free?

When you visit the Adobe Premiere Pro official website, you’ll find the option to download and install the software on your PC; and use it for free for seven days with all its features. 

However, when the free trial limit gets over, you need to pay $20/month to use this software with the license key. 

The Conclusion of the Adobe Premiere Pro Review

If you are not going to use Adobe Premiere Pro for professional purposes, then it’s better not to purchase the premium version of it without trying the free trial, because the software could be really tough to start working with, since it made with professionals in mind. Alternatively, try something cheaper and easier to use like Premiere Rush.

If you are a beginner in video editing, you may try some of the free alternatives but eventually, if you really care about the quality of the end video and about the sheer speed and comfort of work – you should definitely learn Adobe Premiere Pro.

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