Adobe Fresco Review

adobe fresco review

Adobe is always known for offering amazing tools for creatives, and with Adobe Fresco they are bringing in a really impressive solution for those that want a powerful paint app. This is a dedicated iPad drawing app designed to help you express your ideas in a visual form. What really makes this unique is the fact that it comes with live brushes that replicate real-world mediums. That brings in an immersive set of ideas and features, and the quality really shines thanks to that. Let’s dig into Adobe Fresco review.

Interface – Adobe Fresco Review

One of the things we liked about the interface is that it’s simple and convenient. There are some templates you can start with, or you can go with a blank piece. There’s Creative Cloud support, so you can import and save to the cloud if you want. The UI is customizable and you can create your own workflow without a problem. You have lots of brush panels that you can doc wherever you want, and overall this feels like a polished product with a lot of value.

Pixel brushes

During our Adobe Fresco review, we noticed that they have a great brush collection. You have a comic, illustration, drawing, and even painting brushes, so you have a lot of stuff to work with here. The brushes themselves are great to work with, you feel a lot of value and quality for the money here, and the truth is that you can adjust and adapt stuff to your style without that much of a problem. Moreover, you don’t have a lot of animation and text, and that means you can pair it up with other tools to bring things to the finish line.

adobe fresco review - interface

Blending vectors, live brushes and rasters

If you’re an artist that needs to switch between apps, Adobe Fresco will feel like a lifesaver. The reason here is that you can shift between brushes, rasters, and vectors without that much of a hassle. You will appreciate the way everything is built, and they do want to give you a lot of value and quality for the money.

Dedicated touch shortcut

This is a new Adobe feature added here as well, and it allows you to change the actions of the tool in use. You can easily push the button anywhere you want on the screen, and it will help you shift between gestures and actions whenever and however you want. They also have a recent color palette and a brush preview, so you are pretty much set and good to go here, which is something you rarely get.

adobe fresco review - interface

Exporting, saving and pricing

You can save and export stuff with ease, since you can export to the cloud or to formats like PDF, PSD, PNG, JPG, and many others. With that in mind, the challenge comes in regards to pricing. At $10 per month, this is quite expensive, since you may not require its help all the time. But if you are constantly working on projects and you need the Adobe CC integration, this can be a good option.

Should you use Adobe Fresco?

Despite the fact that it’s expensive, Adobe Fresco is indeed a very good tool. During our Adobe Fresco review, we liked the innovative features and ideas brought to the table. This is a very interesting tool and one that we enjoyed a lot just because it’s so innovative and creative. So yes, it’s worth a try, but you may want to stop the subscription if you don’t plan on using it every month!

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